Magnum Hi5

  • PROTECT YOUR MUSCLES FROM CATABOLISM - Mitoburn blend increases anabolic hormone receptor sites allowing your to keep more muscle during recovery stages
  • REDUCE YOUR DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS - Adaptogenic formula reduces fatigue allowing your to work out longer and harder
  • BCAA OXYGEN DELIVERY RESPONSE - Accelerates lean muscle gains by pumping pharmaceutical grade ingredient to your blood stream for an optimal oxygen response
  • NO FILLER - STRICTLY GRADE A BCAA FORMULA - Amino acids usually are derived from human hair and bird feathers, and that human hair has been known to come from prisoners in far off lands. We manufactured Hi-5 with 100% fermented amino acids because we care about what we put in our bodies
  • MAXIMIZE FAT BURNING AND INCREASE LEAN MUSCLE MASS - One of the key ingredients in Hi-5is HICA, which in one particular study aided the subjects in gaining an average of 0.88 lb of lower-body lean mass. In contrast, those taking a placebo actually lost lean mass.

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